Brooke Ashton Moody
 reviewed Belinda Keeley Education — 5 star November 1

Absolutely loved doing Belindas 2 day colour Jam course!
Would highly recommend anyone wanting to learn some new/modern colouring techniques!

Jade Stacey-bradford
 reviewed Belinda Keeley Education —  5 star May 2018

By far one of the best educational courses I have been too! I walked away with so much more knowledge and confidence.
Thankyou Belinda and Colleen

Michelle Klesman recommends Belinda Keeley Education. September 18  2018 We recently had Belinda Watts-Keeley educate our team of 17 senior stylists over two days. In the preparation to the course Belinda was easy to deal with, responded quickly and was genuinely interested in working together to create a bespoke education that fulfilled our needs. Both training days ran incredibly smoothly and were highly organised. The feedback from the team is that they found Belinda an awesome educator, down to earth, passionate and easy to approach. Many of the team said it was THE BEST COLOUR EDUCATION THEY HAVE EVER DONE! We have already have requests to have her back again. Thank-you Belinda from all the Rubi Hair Team xx

Kyla Mclean reviewed Belinda Keeley Education5 star September 27 ·

We had Belinda and Chloe come all the way to the bottom of the South Island of NZ. We hosted the amazing duo in our creative space (Halcyon) for an amazing 3 days of hair - foil.MASTER and ombre.ALLDAY - consensus of all who attended was that it was the first course that they felt they could easily translate techniques back to the salon! There were a load of 'A-Ha' moments and very vocal question times. The approach was very relaxed, humble, open and friendly and really resonated with all who attended. Thank you both on behalf of the Southland hairdressing association for sharing with us! in one word - AWESOME! Highly recommended to all levels. We would love to have you back! 


Alisha Loach reviewed Belinda Keeley Education5 star September 28 ·

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 stars wasn't enough so here's some more


Grant Norton reviewed Belinda Keeley Education5 star October 4 ·

As a global educator myself I am very selective who I choose to have train my own salon team. Education is not only a financial cost, staff time and productive time off the salon floor. I have worked with Belinda for many years and can honestly say the team got so much inspiration from the day and I have seen the results in my teams behaviour and salon work. Thank you Belinda I can't recommend you enough


Angela White reviewed Belinda Keeley Education5 star October 18 at 3:50pm ·

Belinda and Colleen came to our salon in Essendon (52 Hair Co) for a training day on foiling techniques. Simple, amazing and the results are incredible!! 

`Thank you for an inspiring and fun day!'


Penny Martin reviewed Belinda Keeley Education5 star October 6 ·

Had the amazing Belinda and Chloe share their tips and tricks at Foil Master in Auckland. Throughly enjoyed it and would recommend to anyone at any level of hairdressing! Thank you for your time and encouragement ladies xx


Melisa Moustakas reviewed Belinda Keeley Education5 star

Had yet another fantastic day yesterday @ Ombre ALLDAY with Belinda Keeley and her team.

Learning the art of balyage and foilyage, the variations, the history behind it and how it has evolved and continues to do so and also what is on trend. 

This is the third class I have done with Belinda Keeley ( Blonde Mania mini & Foil master mini ) and I have to say I always come away feeling inspired, motivated and excited to bring my new learnt techniques back to the salon and back to my clients.

Belinda is an excellent educator who keeps things fun and exciting, real and simple....great people and great learning environment and I would highly recommend to any hairdresser wanting to take their skills to the next level. 

Thanks again!


Zoe Wilde reviewed Belinda Keeley Education — 5 star November 1 at 5:56pm ·

Would recommend anyone who wants to build more confidence in colouring or even learn some new trends or techniques to take a session with Belinda Keeley! Absolute legend


David Murry reviewed Belinda Keeley Education5 star July 15 at 6:35pm ·

THE BUZZ IN THE SALON HAS LASTED!!! I am a firm believer that the sign of good education is when your team is still talking about it and using the techniques a week after the education.

With so many options for education available to salons these days you can feel like you're navigating a mindfield when trying to decide who to engage and what format is going to be most effective for your team. After hosting a day with Belinda Keeley Education I can honestly say that we have found the best fit for my team.

What we loved:

- The energy

- The language and delivery

- The interactive and chatty style of the morning demo session

- Everyone felt as though they had quality time with Belinda during hands on

- How intimate it felt

- Ego free 

- The tips on how to sell the techniques to clients

- Her creativeness with tools and different mediums

Will we have Belinda back? YES. We are having Belinda back in November and we cannot wait.


Tara Kuczkowski reviewed Belinda Keeley Education5 star July 11 at 3:07pm ·

Awesome foiling techniques, I loved it. A must for every stylist!!!


Becc Snow reviewed Belinda Keeley Education5 star June 2 ·

My team and I cannot recommend Belinda Keeley Education enough! Belinda has so much knowledge and experience to share, she is very relatable and down to earth. We have had two sessions with her now in which she traveled down to us so we could be trained in the comfort of our own space. She assisted us through our first hair competition in which she showed us the best and most effective ways the prepare and practice for such events. Both sessions were extremely informative but also very inspiring and motivating. For anyone looking for training or assistance I would 100% recommend Belinda!


Caitlyn Macdonald reviewed Belinda Keeley Education5 star May 4 at 11:23pm ·

Hands down one of Australia's most talented hairdressers, and a brilliant educator!!! Highly recommended!


Maureen Markey reviewed Belinda Keeley Education5 star July 11 at 7:43pm ·

Wow. What a day. Learnt so much. Foiling will never be the same. Thank you Belinda for your talent skills and education abilities. Brilliant day. Agree a must for every stylist.


Julie Rosson reviewed Belinda Keeley Education5 star July 12 at 12:15pm ·

Belinda Keeley Education is the perfect Motivator for my Team, Inspirational & Team building, spiked with Technique. We have all come away Passionate about our Industry & clients. Cannot thank you enough Belinda!


Emalie O'Toole reviewed Belinda Keeley Education5 star

The best education class i have ever attended!! Lovely people and lovely atmosphere. Would recommend Belinda Keeley education to anyone of any skill level


Paul Sandowsky reviewed Belinda Keeley Education — 5 star · 

Finally I've found an educational environment in Australia that ticks every box.Belinda Keeley and Colleen Stanford are purists when it comes to the fundamental techniques of colouring hair.I took many tips and tricks to creating a higher standard of lightening, foiling and maintaining the integrity of my clients hair.
It was fantastic to be with artists that clearly enjoy sharing their passion for hair with students that want to learn.I look forward to attending more sessions during the year and am truly grateful for the opportunity to participate in these high craft courses.Thanks Belinda and Colleen.Much appreciated.


Jan-Maree Constantine reviewed Belinda Keeley Education — 5 star March 1

Thank you Belinda you are truly an inspiration and a fantastic hairdresser and educator


Jordan Lau reviewed Belinda Keeley Education — 5 star March 4 at 10:35pm · 

So informative and inspiring - Belinda has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share!



Judy Hanson reviewed Belinda Keeley Education — 5 star February 29 at 8:05pm · 

The most motivational, inspirational and purely brilliant workshop EVER!!!! Belinda is the most honest, down to earth and completely approachable woman who genuinely cares about sharing her AMAZING talents! Do not pass up the chance to attend!!!!

Craig Rhodes reviewed Belinda Keeley Education — 5 star January 27 · 

I have had nothing but amazing education and mentoring from Belinda. Whole heartedly recommend her for anyone wanting to really learn about colour.


Lorna Evans reviewed Belinda Keeley Education — 5 star January 29 at 12:34pm · 

5 star education our team Love Both Belinda and her team 


Michelle Reiche Anthony reviewed Belinda Keeley Education — 5 star January 27 · 

This woman is a powerful educator ...Love her work


Chloe Joanna Isobell Hegan reviewed Belinda Keeley Education — 5 star

An Inspiring and extremely talented woman.