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Financial MANAGEMENT Course



How to Master Your Salon Business.

So you’re the Boss, you are a Salon Owner? We’ve been You’ we know your pains, frustrations and fears first hand.

Learning outcomes:

  • understand financial reporting

  • your businesses profit or cost zones

  • KPI’s, budgeting and forecasting

  • Stock Control

  • Salon’s pricing

  • Team structure

  • understand the right size and shape of your Salon

  • Staff remuneration & commission structures.



Digital Marketing Course


Over 2 full days you will unpack and gain an understanding of the Digital Landscape with out being swamped with 'geek talk'. Carl's done the Nerd Dance for you so he can break this all down into ‘Hairdresser Friendly’ bite sized chunks.

Learn to build a system that brings you New Clients predictably and consistently into your Salon.

Then create engagement strategies that will bring that first time customer back again and again as a loyal client that promotes your business to others.

What You’ll Learn:

  • FaceBook Ads

  • The power of Google

  • Websites & why they’re your best selling platform

  • And More


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Salon Managers Course


The role of a Salon Manager - is this person a receptionist, a leading hand/foreman, the highest ranking stylist or is this a replacement for the Owner? Salon Managers are employed to help run a successful salon. This is a highly skilled job that requires a top person in the role with top training to be successful.

Learning outcomes:

  • Our 'Managers Report' to fully systemise your salon

  • Salon Stock Management

  • Dealing with Conflict and Challengers in the Work Place

  • Performance Management for Teams and Stylists

  • Dealing with Product Suppliers

  • and much more…